Shirley MacLaine – Sammy Davis JR – Sweet Charity (1969)

Sweet Charity - Soundtrack - Front


1. Overture (instrumental)
2. My Personal Property (performed by Shirley MacLaine)
3. Big Spender (performed by Shirley MacLaine, Chita Rivera, Paula Kelly and chorus)
4. The Ponmpeii Club (Rich Man’s Frug) (instrumental)
5. If My Friends Could See Me Now (performed by Shirley MacLaine)
6. There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This (performed by Shirley MacLaine, Chita Rivera and Paula Kelly)
7. It’s a Nice Face (performed by Shirley MacLaine)
8. Rhythm of Life (performed by Sammy Davis, Jr. and ensemble)
9. Sweet Charity (performed by John McMartin)
10. I’m a Brass Band (performed by Shirley MacLaine)
11. I Love to Cry at Weddings (performed by Stubby Kaye and ensemble)
12. Where Am I Going? (performed by Shirley MacLaine)
13. Finale: Sweet Charity (instrumental)