Pink Mood Deluxe No.3 (1968)

Pink Mood Deluxe No.3 (1968)


A1. Alone In The Bar (3:13)
A2. Flower And Butterfly (2:58)
A3. Sakaba Ningyo (2:33)
A4. Dont Smoke On The Bed (3:33)
A5. I Love Only You (2:12)
A6. Dream Blooms In The Night (2:51)
B1. You Knew Too Much (3:20)
B2. How I Loved You (2:49)
B3. Lovely Teardrops (2:21)
B4. Secret Of The Last Night (3:03)
B5. Como Esta Akasaka (2:18)
B6. Meeting You Again (3:44)