Crime Jazz – Season 2 – Vol 5 Those Choice Moments – TV



01 Deadline – Party Source 2 (Danger Man) Edwin Astley
02 Sunrise (LA Law) Mike Post
03 Mouth Of The Snake (Knight Rider) Don Peake
04 Interlude for Bassoon (All Done With Mirrors) (The Avengers) Howard Black
05 From The Lady (Man In A Suitcase) Albert Elms
06 Phantom Raiders (M Squad) Benny Carter
07 Swindle – Rhythm’s Dealer (Library Music) (Strange Report) Roger Webb
08 Requiem For A Sideman (Honey West) Joseph Mullendore
09 Handicap Dead (Department S) Edwin Astley
10 Mission Blues (Mission Impossible) Lalo Schifrin
11 The Streets of San Francisco Patrick Williams
12 The Gentle Touch Roger Webb
13 Aerial (Red Star Test Run – Pilot – Film Version) (AirWolf) Sylvester Levay
14 Vendetta For The Saint (The Saint) Edwin Astley
15 Young Hannibal (The A Team) Mike Post
16 Crockett’s Theme (Miami Vice) Jan Hammer
17 Obsession (The New Avengers) Laurie Johnson
18 Echoes From the Past (St John’s Theme – Gabrielle’s Theme) (AirWolf) Sylvester Levay
19 The Wig Out (Flip Side) (Mission Impossible) Benny Golson
20 One of Our Spies Is Missing (Man From Uncle) Gerald Fried & Jerry Goldsmith
21 The End (M Squad) Stanley Wilson
22 South of the Border (Noon Doomsday) (The Avengers) Howard Black
23 Hill Street Blues Mike Post
24 Just For The Record (Randall and Hopkirk (deceased)) Edwin Astley
25 Somebody Loses Somebody Wins (Man In A Suitcase) Albert Elms
26 Hearts Of Stone (Knight Rider) Don Peake
27 Holy Flypaper (Batman) Nelson Riddle

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