Franck Pourcel – Mi Corazón Es Un Violín (1957)

Franck Pourcel - Mi Corazón Es Un Violín (1957)


01- Mon Coeur Est un Violon (2:48)
02- Julie La Rousse (1:59)
03- Reve De Jeunesse (2:53)
04- Malagueña (2:45)
05- Concerto D’Automme (3:33)
06- Les Feullies Mortes (2:53)
07- Only You (2:34)
08- Oh! La! La! (2:32)
09- Le Grisbi (3:03)
10- Buenas noches mi amor (3:05)
11- Marjolaine (2:40)
12- La Strada (2:43)


14 Antworten zu “Franck Pourcel – Mi Corazón Es Un Violín (1957)

  1. Hello friend. I hope everything is alright with. I imagine you are off somewhere sunny and nice.
    Blessings and thanks for all the music. Nigel

  2. All I must say is thanks for all the music you are sharing here, I hope you’ll be fine and maybe you are on vacations enjoying the break time.

    Greetings and cheers.

  3. I’m echoing the previous posts. I hope all is well with you. There’s a thank you note for all the original posters, but there hasn’t been an update since June 30. That’s 11 days ago. Hope this isn’t a sign that this blog is going to go away. There’s so much good music here.

    • I wonder what has happened to the one who administers this blog. I hope that all is well, but I’m worried this blog has been discontinued for some unknown reason.

  4. Well, this is a bit worrying now. It’s been more than two weeks. On the other hand, it is the time of the year when we take a long break; let’s give him/her til the end of the month. Nigel

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