Raymond Lefevre – No.7 Adagio Cardinal (1968)

Raymond Lefevre - No.7 Adagio Cardinal (1968)


01- Adagio Cardinal  (02:38)
02- MacArthur Park  (03:51)
03- Tous Les Deux Pres d’Un Beceau  (02:42)
04- Comme Toi  (02:40)
05- Long Sera l’Uver  (02:16)
06- Si CA Vous Chante  (02:22)
07- Hey Jude  (03:41)
08- Temps des Fleurs, Le (Those We  (02:42)
09- 100,000 Chansons  (02:52)
10- Pour Etre Sincere  (02:52)
11- Bicyclettes de Belsize, Les  (03:08)
12- Iresistiblement  (02:12)

2 Antworten zu “Raymond Lefevre – No.7 Adagio Cardinal (1968)

  1. Great album!! I have this one. 😀

    Do you have any Walter Scholz albums with the song „Castello Amore“ ? I really want to find an album with that song on it. Thank you for fulfilling my requests. You’re a fine person.

    • Sorry for the duplicate, but I forgot to check the box that sends me an email when a response is given. ;-)P (oops!!)

      If you have any Walter Scholz LPs or CDs with „Castello Amore“ please post.

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