Bernard Herrmann – Cape Fear (1962)



01- Main Title_The Courtroom_The Car Keys_The House_Bowling Alley_The Barking Dog_The Dog is Poisoned (08:26)
02- The Dream_After the Dream_Sam Talks to the Police_An Evening with Max Cady_The Pick-up_The Girl is Found_The Girl Refuses to Testify (07:41)
03- Cady at the Boat Dock_At The School_Cady Stalks the Daughter_Sam Gets a Gun_Sam Returns Home (05:39)
04- Cady is Attacked (deleted from film)_Cady Calls Sam (deleted from film) (02:13)
05- Sam Leaves the Case to the Judge_Cape Fear!!!_Farewell_Sounds of a Boat at Night (deleted from film (12:23)
06- Sam Arrives at the Houseboat_The River at Night (deleted from film)_Cady Spies on the House_Cady on the River (12:35)

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